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Dependability, Longevity, Outstanding Quality & Customer Service!

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Dixe Sweeping Service has been incorporated for over 40 years.  During this time, Dixe Sweeping has become a fixture in the landscape of Central New York.  The amount of linear feet of parking lot paint we have applied numbers in the millions and our sweepers have driven tens of thousands of miles across hundreds of local small and large businesses as well as many factories and industrial sites.  DIXE trucks are seen everywhere from our small villages to the main streets of Syracuse and neighboring cities.

Dependability, longevity, consistency, outstanding quality and customer service, trust, confidence, and  know-how characterizes how we operate.  We know products, services, and application methods.  We are not only concerned with your pavement, we’re focused on your business.

No nonsense and demanding entrepreneurs, managers, corporate executives, engineers, real estate professionals, maintenance supervisors, construction and site superintendents who want the job done right  call us for a worry free experience.   contact us 

Jeffrey J. Dixe, President

From success to significance… that sums up Jeff Dixe’s 45 year journey as an entrepreneur.  In 1969, Jeff Dixe formed the corporation that now, 40 years later, remains the leader in Central New York’s pavement and parking lot maintenance.  The hallmark of Dixe Sweeping’s success has been and continues to be Jeff Dixe’s commitment to his customers and his craft.  With past and present customers now reaching far into the thousands, Dixe Sweeping’s success is predicated on Jeff’s simply philosophy; Get the job done and done right.  40 years in this business translates into 3 words that continue to build on Jeff’s success: Commitment and Customer Service.

Jeff is also a member of the Masonic Order, Tigris Shrine, and Royal Order of Jester’s.   Community service and giving back to the public that helped him typifies Jeff’s journey as an entrepreneur, husband, father, and grandfather.  He’s one of the driving forces behind the annual Tigris Shrine Circus which benefits the Shriner’s Children’s Hospitals throughout the United States. 

Jeffrey M. Dixe

As Jeff Dixe’s only son, “Junior” as his is affectionately referred to by his staff, is the company’s Director of Sales and Operations.  Jeff Jr. grew up going to the shop with his dad on Saturday’s and when old enough spent summers out working with the crews.  Jeff has run the seal coating division for 20 years.

Learning by example, Jeff Jr. has also experienced the value of giving back.  From helping with local food pantries to volunteering at the hospital as a Eucharistic Minister, to helping needy students with school supplies, service not only to his customers but to the community is what drives Jeff. 

Jeff has a bachelor’s degree from LeMoyne College and a master’s degree from Syracuse University.

Customer Testimony:

"Your company has guided us with maintaining our parking lot…on all occasions we were extremely pleased  with the service, cost, and most especially the quality of your services…As the person responsible to oversee the facility, who works with numerous facility vendors, I can state with honesty that it is a true relief to work with your company as you make my own responsibility for our parking lot worry free.”  

Sue D’Angelo, Administrative Manager
Hospice of Central New York

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